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Naples Commercial Fire Cleanup

The smoke filled bathroom in this retail shop in Naples was started when a cigarette butt was tossed into a wastebasket. The fire was not large, but the smolder... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Naples Laundry Room

Mold damage at this Naples home’s laundry room began as a small water leak in one of the hoses behind the washing machine. The drywall wicked up the water... READ MORE

Water Damage - Marco Island Home

Water damage at this Marco Island home was due to a leaky PVC drain line from the second-floor bathroom tub. The leak was a slow leak, so it took some time to r... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Naples

Whether a small office building, apartment building, restaurant, hotel, or large retail store SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is the team to turn to when deali... READ MORE

Marco Island Home Suffers Storm Damage

Tropical storms are no strangers to the West Coast of Florida, including the beautiful Marco Island area. The winds battered and opened up the roof leading to s... READ MORE

Water Damage – Naples Home

Water damage at this Naples home affected the walls and flooring. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island was contacted to assess the damage and offer a plan for water... READ MORE

Marco Island Storm Damaged Roof

A tropical storm in the Marco Island area can severely damage the roof of a multi-level condo causing water intrusion into the attic crawlspaces. This can affec... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Naples Kitchen

Mold damage in this Naples Kitchen was found during a kitchen remodeling. The owners were fearful that they would have to remove the damaged subflooring and rep... READ MORE

Marco Island Fire Mishap

The visible sooty residue in the stairwell of this Marco Island condominium was the result of negligence with the use of candles. SERVPRO recommends using the n... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Naples Apartment

Mold damage at this Naples apartment was extensive. The unit was vacant, and there had been standing water in the unit for some time. Once the owner discovered ... READ MORE