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Naples, a Winter Resort City for the Wealthy, Isn’t Always Sunny.

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

Two Green SERVPRO vehicles outside a building ready to work. Is your business suffering from any type of water related issues? Call the pros at SERVPRO to mitigate your water damage.

Even Residents of Posh Resort Cities Like Naples Face Challenges 

The luxurious history of Naples began earnest in the 1880s when U.S. Senator John Stuart Williams of Kentucky became interested in developing a city in Southwest Florida.  In 1885, Williams partnered with Walter Haldeman, owner of the Louisville Courier-Journal, to explore the southwestern Florida coast and find a suitable community location.  The two would-be developers eventually found the perfect site where modern-day Naples stands today.  This “paradise coast” consisted of miles of sandy oceanfront beaches with a sizable bay behind them.  Haldeman and Williams formed the Naples Town Improvement Company in the Fall of 1886 to bring their envisioned town into existence.         

The Development of Naples

The new dream city on the Paradise Coast quickly emerged from the sandy shoreline.  It was named after Naples, Italy, because of its bay, position on the southwestern end of a peninsula, and sunny weather.  The centerpiece of the newly built community was a sixteen-room hotel, positioned on the narrowest piece of land between beach and bay, which opened in 1889.  The town’s other important early feature was its pier that was two blocks distant from the hotel.  As you can imagine, Naples soon became a thriving beach resort area where wealthy patrons attempted to escape the cold weather of their more northern residences.  As time progressed, the community became more accessible to outsiders.  Rail service arrived in 1927, and the Tamiami Trail, which passed through town and connected Miami to Tampa, was completed in 1928.            

A Mecca for the Rich and Famous

As with other small coastal Florida towns, Naples has attracted a lot of wealthy vacationers and homebuyers.  This magnetism started almost as soon as it was built.  The community’s developers, Williams and Haldeman, were both prominent men.  Rose Cleveland, sister of U.S. President Grover Cleveland, was Naples Hotel’s first guest when it opened in 1889.  Numerous other notable people soon followed in her footsteps.  Over the past 130 or so years, several celebrities have also made the picturesque seaside community their home.  Some of the more recent of these have been author Robin Cook, billionaire sports team owner Shahid Khan, Best Buy founder Richard Schulze, Judge Judy’s Judith Sheindlin, prolific narrator Peter Thomas, and a host of professional sports players.  

The Glittering Lure of Naples

So, what attracts affluent people to Naples?  Well, several obvious things make the resort town the perfect place for moneyed individuals.  First, the area offers them access to numerous luxurious leisure activities like:

  • Yachting:  there are several local yachting clubs and a multitude of fascinating seaside landscapes to explore nearby
  • Water sports:  with easy access to both the ocean and protected bays, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy such activities as swimming, parasailing, jet-skiing, and water skiing  
  • Golfing:  wherever guests or residents are in Naples, there is always a fine country club close by
  • Exploring nature:  the local area boasts several state and federal parks/forests/preserves/wildlife refuges like the Collier-Seminole State Park and the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge.     

High-end shopping and dining:  Naples is home to numerous luxury shopping and fine dining establishments

All of the above certainly entices well-heeled visitors and homebuyers alike to venture into our city.  However, access to these activities alone is not the community’s only draw.  Prosperous people seeking to relocate prefer this part of Southwest Florida for a second reason, namely the sheer number of opulent properties it has to offer potential buyers.  The most notable of these multimillion-dollar residences can be found on:  

  • Gordon Drive
  • Galleon Drive
  • Rum Row
  • Gulf Shore Boulevard
  • Admiralty Parade
  • Spyglass Lane

Potential Downsides to Living in Naples

While Naples is an attractive place to live for many reasons, there are some negatives and risks you face if you choose to live here.  These are mostly financial or weather-related and include such things as:

  • A poor job market
  • A high cost of living
  • Real estate scams and shoddily-constructed housing

Severe weather, including heavy rains, flooding, waterspouts, and hurricanes, during the region’s rainy season that lasts from mid-May through October.

If you can dodge the financial risks of locating in this pricy Southwest Florida community, you are still always subject to its sometimes troublesome weather.  Strong hurricane-force winds can easily damage or even blow the roof off your home.  These winds can also turn lawn furniture into destructive projectiles and cause trees/tree limbs to fall on your roof.  At the same time, heavy rains and storm surges could quickly inundate everything in sight.

With all that said, as your neighbors, the skilled technicians at SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island are always here to help you.  If your business is ever flooded because of a roof or appliance leak and you need water removal services.

How Can I Determine if My Business Has a Water-Related Issue?

As a Naples business owner, it is crucial that you locate and effectively deal with all water-related damage as soon as possible before it develops into something worse that could potentially threaten your operations.  This is especially true for operators of businesses like hotels and restaurants.  In order to catch water-related issues early, SERVPRO suggests that you have your business periodically inspected by professionals and watch out for the following signs of water damage:

  • Musty odors
  • Mold or mildew growths and surface discolorations
  • Disintegrating drywall or plaster
  • Dry rot
  • Wall or ceiling warping
  • Buckled floors and similar issues

If you notice any of these problems, you likely have a water leak.  This could be caused by several things, like a damaged roof, leaky pipe, a malfunctioning appliance, or corroded water container.

Your neighbors at SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island advise you to take all water-related issues seriously, regardless of their apparent severity.  We would also like to remind you that we are always here to help you with all your water removal needs.  Call us whenever you need us at (239) 302-5700.

Can Restoration Pros Save a Storm-Damaged Roof?

11/18/2020 (Permalink)

vans outside damaged home The team to turn to after your home is damaged is SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island!

IICRC-Certified Techs at SERVPRO Return Storm-Damaged Naples Homes to a Pre-Loss State

Naples, like much of the Sunshine State, experiences well above average precipitation compared to the rest of the US at a whopping 56 inches per year. Much of this rain comes with high winds and other weather-related risks that can lead to felled trees on roofs, damaged shingles, and structural materials in dire need of cleanup and potential replacement.

SERVPRO’s mitigation process includes performing any necessary structural repairs and mold remediation (license #MRSR2994) to restore Naples homes affected by storm damage.

Why Does SERVPRO’s Fast Response to Storm Damage Cleanup Matter?
    •    24/7 availability means that technicians minimize the risk of microbial growth on your property using EPA-registered biocides.
    •    SERVPRO emergency-response crews can provide power sources for cleanup equipment if your electricity is shut off.
    •    Industrial-grade drying equipment includes high-powered centrifugal air movers and low-grain refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifiers.

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is ready to make your property look and feel, “Like it never even happened.” Call (239) 302-5700 to begin the mitigation and restoration process.

How Does SERVPRO Training Prepare Technicians to Tackle Fire Cleanup?

11/11/2020 (Permalink)

truck outside damaged home Call the experts at SERVPRO when your property suffers fire damage.

SERVPRO Professionals Clean and Restore Fire Damage in Naples Per IICRC Standards

While Naples homeowners may currently be more concerned with hurricane season, something as simple as an accidental stovetop fire can create sudden and costly damages that require an equally rapid response to keep occupants safe and minimize property loss.

SERVPRO teams are prepared to respond to Naples homeowners seeking fire damage cleanup and restoration on short notice.

How are SERVPRO Technicians Educated About Fire Damage Mitigation?
    •    Initial certification and training programs for technicians cover fire and water damage cleanup, as well as cleaning carpet and upholstery.
    •    e-Learning opportunities allow both technicians and staff at SERVPRO to hone their knowledge of mitigation and restoration techniques.
    •    Credit and noncredit courses are available to both franchise staff and real estate and insurance professionals who wish to learn more about disaster cleanup and restoration best practices.

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island serves the community by being Faster to Any Size Disaster. Residents in need of rapid disaster cleanup and restoration can call (239) 302-5700 to get started.

You Can Count on SERVPRO for Storm-Related Disaster Mitigation Services

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

van outside storm damaged home When a storm damages your home you need to call the experts at SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is Available 24/7 for Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Naples is a vibrant community that is home to a wealth of opportunities for residents since its inception. The city’s nearly 20,000 citizens reside at an elevation of approximately three feet along the Gulf Coast. Prominent businesses like payment systems giant ACI Worldwide, arthroscopy industry leader Arthrex and construction powerhouse Florida Rock Industries are all based in Naples. This peaceful coastal community in southwest Florida requires a well-trained emergency response crew to handle disasters and maintain a high standard of safety for homeowners and businesses alike.

The Paradise Coast is also home to plenty of opportunities for tourism year-round. Between the white sands of Naples Beach and a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options from 3rd Street South to 8th Street South, Naples has much to offer trendsetting young professionals and vacationing families alike.

Downtown Naples is filled to the brim with acclaimed restaurants and hotels like:
    •    Barbatella
    •    Tommy Bahama Restaurant, Bar, & Store
    •    Bleu Provence
    •    Cove Inn on Naples Bay
    •    The Gondolier Inn

Storm Damage Cleaning, Removal, and Repair for Naples, Florida Residents
The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-accredited crew at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is locally-owned and operated. This commitment to local service puts our team in a unique position to offer high-quality, commercial-grade resources that restore homes while staying in touch with the Naples community.

    •    We're only a phone call away from providing you with the necessary cleanup and restoration services at (239) 302-5700.
    •    SERVPRO technicians, staff, and franchise owners all receive extensive education about disaster cleanup and home restoration so that the community at large can benefit.
    •    Our constant availability, even on nights, weekends, and holidays, ensures that damage to your home is minimized while streamlining the claims filing process.

Whether you run a motel near Naples Beach or live along Gulf Shore Boulevard North, restoration professionals can prevent losses like those incurred by the massive Hurricane Irma in 2017. This Atlantic storm is considered the strongest observed since 2005, making landfall as a Category 4 storm before impacting Marco Island as a Category 3. Winds reached a whopping 112 miles per hour just a few short miles south of Naples. Hurricane Irma required the most massive statewide evacuation recorded in the state of Florida at 6.5 million residents.

Common Situations That Create Storm Damage on Naples Properties
Located along the coast on the southwestern tip of Florida, Naples is a beautiful coastline beach town that stays warm year-round. The locale’s hurricane season, which lasts from June to November, creates storm and flood damage risks from both hurricanes and tropical storms. Summer and autumn are typically much more precipitous than the rest of the year, seeing as much as two to six times more rain than the spring or winter months.

Naples residents would do well to prepare their homes for a variety of storm, flooding, and hurricane-related events, such as:

    •    Meteotsunamis, like the high-tide storm event near Naples Pier in January 2016, can leave homeowners suddenly looking for high ground. These rare weather phenomena, created by sudden changes in pressure, can bring 70 to 90 mph winds and sudden cold fronts. The meteotsunami that occurred in December 2018 quickly flooded Naples beaches, causing local tide gauges to rise more than one foot in less than one minute.
    •    Tropical storms during the wet season comprise much of the record rainfall and flood risk for homeowners in Collier County and the surrounding areas. After Tropical Storm Sally passed through southwest Florida, water levels rose several inches, causing flooding so significant on Sanibel Island that fish washed up on Tarpon Bay Road in Sanibel.
    •    Naples’s proximity to the Caribbean and Central America can mean exposure to several hurricanes per year. Fortunately, in many cases, Naples is spared the worst of the damages to property and infrastructure. However, some severe storms, like Hurricanes Irma and Wilma, did directly impact the city.
    •    Naples sees an average of 54 inches of rain per year. This figure is much higher than the United States average of 38 inches.

Due to Naples’ location and flood risk potential, homeowners can save considerably on flood insurance policies. According to 2018 data, there are currently over 14,000 active flood insurance policies. Because Naples is considered a Class 5 by the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS), meaning policyholders can receive up to 25% off of their insurance. The City of Naples as a whole saves an estimated $3.9 million per year on flood protection premiums because it participated in the NFIP’s CRS.

What Mitigation Services Does SERVPRO Perform for Storm-Damaged Homes?
Storm damage on Naples properties can take many forms. SERVPRO technicians offer a plethora of services that remove debris, make necessary structural repairs, and coordinate with both insurance adjusters and homeowners to ensure that restoration is performed with you in mind.

    •    Licensed professionals. Your local SERVPRO company is also licensed to render mold remediation services (license #MRSR2994) that eliminate microbes with a variety of commercial-grade tools such as:
    -HEPA filter air scrubbers.
    -Industrial-grade dehumidifiers.
    -EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions.
    •    Rebuilding services. Whether you need carpeting and drywall replaced after a flood or you need lightning-fast roofing repairs to stop further water damage, this team can assist you.
    •    Contents restoration. SERVPRO also has equipment and facilities available to perform both on- and off-site restoration of upholstery, electronics, documents, and valuables, depending on the extent of the disaster. We strive to minimize property losses to help you save on repair and replacement costs.

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island has a professional crew that is ready to make your home look and feel, “Like it never even happened.” Call your local mitigation team today at (239) 302-5700.

How Does a Comprehensive Restoration Approach Save You Money?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on the floor of a bedroom. SERVPRO has the supplies, knowledge, and people to get the job done right, call us today.

With both experienced technicians and contractors under the same roof, we can more efficiently recover damaged Naples homes. 

Water damage to your Naples home happens in many ways ranging from the presence of standing water to the deterioration and weakening of structural elements. Having an answer to each of these problems used to require multiple contractors working on different aspects of recovery and repair. Our SERVPRO professionals have a comprehensive approach to restoration that encompasses nearly all of the structure's needs with our extensive roster.

Several aspects of water damage repair for Naples homes must begin as soon as our technicians and contractors arrive. Mitigation is one of the vital elements to a successful restoration, as this process reduces overall loss and ultimate costs of the work to be done. Our contractors and technicians work together to accomplish several critical tasks upon arrival, including:

  • Plumbing Repairs – When plumbing pipes or connections cause water damage in the home, these elements must be replaced or repaired by our building trade professionals. We limit the amount of tear-out necessary to access these areas using moisture meters and thermal imagery. 
  • Cleaning Debris – Our contractors must also notice any debris and deteriorated construction materials like drywall and ceiling tiles that might require cleanup.
  • Extraction – Several water removal tools ranging from wet vacuums to submersible pumps, help eliminate pooling surface water concerns.

When Does Reconstruction Occur? 

After mitigation completes, it has become customary for customers to anticipate acquiring a secondary contractor to handle repairs and reconstruction. With in-house contractors available on our SERVPRO team, we can begin this vital service as soon as mitigation draws to a close.

There are many concerns with water damage disasters that impact your home. However, with a combination of building trade professionals and experienced technicians on our SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island team, we are ready to help. Call us today at (239) 302-5700.

Why Should You Look for Mold Removal Companies that Help Your Store Staff Prepare?

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

image of tablet, smartphone with ERP The SERVPRO ERP Plan can mitigate the effects of mold, water, and fire damage to Naples area commercial buildings and expensive inventory and stock.

Naples Store Owners need Mold Removal Companies that Understand Their Needs

Whether your store is a shoe shop, a grocery store, or a DIY emporium, you know that being closed for too long is bad for business. Naples entrepreneurs need to keep their doors open so they can welcome customers and make money. Even a short closure is inconvenient and puts you at risk of losing money.

If you notice fungal growth in your business, you need to find mold removal companies in Naples who understand your needs. We are a franchise company with access to national resources and training while still being locally owned and operated. Because our team also lives and works here, we are sensitive to the local business community's needs.

Why is it essential to prepare for mold removal?

You might think of preparing for a more massive disaster like a fire or flood. However, it is crucial to prepare for mold remediation too. Mold might not seem like a big deal, but if you do not treat it swiftly, it can:

  • Spread to other areas of your business
  • Cause a moldy odor that customers will notice
  • Damage wood, wallpaper, carpets, and drapes, along with inventory

How does a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile help staff prepare?

We designed the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile program (ERP) to help businesses prepare for a disaster, including mold. Your ERP means your staff always knows what to do and what to expect when something goes wrong:

  • First, sign up for an ERP account and fill in your details
  • Then download the free app
  • Print out a Field Form.

The information will sync so you can manage your account from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also set our local franchise as your preferred mold remediation company. Write the required information on the form, and take pictures when the app asks you too. Then log on using a computer or laptop and fill out all the data from the Field Form.

Your ERP gives your staff the information they need about who to call and what to do if they discover mold. You can also use the app to get in touch with us. Because the information is pre-populated, the submission process is faster, and we can begin remediation more quickly.

Do not let mold slow your business down. Call SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700 to schedule an appointment for the ERP Plan.

Water Damage Restoration Naples

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO for Naples Water Damage Restoration Services

Call SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island Now (239) 302-5700.

As one of the seats of Collier County, more than 20,000 residents have sought the sun and sand of southwest Florida here in Naples. Because of its placement between Miami to the east and Fort Myers to the north, this is a wealthy area of the state that has earned its recognition as one of the ‘Top 10 Pricey Cities That Pay Off’ by the U.S. News & World Report. This acknowledgment was based on the amenity value or the worth asset it has to its owners. Because Naples is not an overwhelming metropolitan development, our position on the Gulf of Mexico drives our tourism economy. With so many condos and accommodations along the ten-mile stretch of Gulf coastline, commercial restoration is almost as steady as the water and fire damage recovery needs of homeowners. Our central position throughout the Naples and Marco Island area allows us to provide efficient service and responses to the regions more than 320,000 residents and vacationers.

Naples Area Emergency Water Removal, Cleanup, and Restoration

  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Water Removal, Drying, Cleanup
  • Mold Inspections, Remediation, Construction
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup and Restoration
  • Large Loss Recovery Team
  • Fast Response 24/7 (239) 302-5700

Restoring Naples Properties After Water Damages

While Naples is considered among the wealthiest cities in America, this evaluation for its residents goes well beyond annual incomes and net worth. Our coastal community thrives on a unique art and cultural heritage, accentuated throughout areas like Gallery Row and with nationally recognized troupes like The Naples Players. Because tourism drives so many to the area, shopping and retail experiences have become a staple of our economy as well, including developments like Tin City, The Village on Venetian Bay, 5th Avenue South, and 3rd Street South area.

This region of Florida is recognized for a tropical savannah climate which allows for a growing season that encompasses every day of the year. Our position along the Gulf, however, leaves the city vulnerable to powerful tropical storms and hurricanes. While many structures have prepared for this inevitability, our SERVPRO professionals must still remain ready 24/7 to address emergencies that threaten homes and businesses during these natural disasters. Despite the need for restoration at times, Naples lives up to its name which comes from a comparison to the beautiful bay of Naples, Italy. We have been recognized by the Travel Channel in 2005 as having the best all-around beach in the country.

Emergency Water Damage Scenarios for the Naples Area

  • Damaged/Leaking Roofs
  • Broken Appliances
  • Firefighting Water Removal
  • Hurricane Damage/Flooding
  • Aging and Deteriorating Plumbing
  • Pipe Air Hammers
  • Clogged Drains and Backup

Why Choose SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island?

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster

With the entire Naples / Marco Island area home to about one-third of a million people, our central location plays a vital role in how quickly we can respond to emergencies and protect or preserve damaged structures.

Expertly Trained and Experienced Professionals

We have a growing roster of qualified professionals and technicians trained in each niche of the restoration homes and businesses needed after water disasters. From Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) to Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT), we can help you through the phases of recovery promptly after an emergency.

Advanced Water Restoration Tools and Technologies

The water restoration process often requires dozens of recovery tools in our inventory, ranging from extractors to drying equipment. We invest in the technologies and devices that can complete mitigation and restoration as efficiently as possible.

Questions or Concerns? We can help 24/7. Give SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island a call now at (239) 302-5700.

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Naples Water Damage and Cleanup

How Can a Flood Impact My Naples Home?

10/10/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home Never let bad weather catch you by surprise.

Flooding in Naples is a Common Occurrence and Can Cause Various Problems like Structural Damage, a Proliferation of Harmful Microbial Growths, and the Destruction of Household Contents.

As you probably already know, Naples experiences its rainy season between mid-May and the end of October.  During this time, the area routinely has daily thunderstorms from around noon until about sunset.  However, torrential rains can sometimes fall continuously for several days in a row, overpowering local drainage networks and flooding nearby homes.  When this happens, your residence could suffer extensive immediate damage and be at risk of further issues in the future.  Worse still is that some of these flood-borne problems could go unnoticed even after remediation work is completed.  This is why you must hire the right flood damage cleanup and restoration company to resolve your flood-related situation.

What Kind of Damage is a Flood Capable of Doing?
As your local Naples flood damage remediators at SERVPRO know, floods can cause an amazing amount of damage.  These property injuries can be both immediate and long-term, as well as visible and hidden.  Some of the many flood-borne issues our skilled technicians have successfully handled in the past are:

    •    Feet of standing water in even the most difficult-to-access areas
    •    Hazardous waste deposits
    •    Moisture-saturated home interiors
    •    Harmful microbial growths that cause mold and mildew stains, dry rot, and health effects
    •    Persistent, difficult-to-eliminate odors
    •    Destroyed structural elements and rooms

After regularly resolving these particular situations, we have earned a reputation as one of the area’s most skilled storm damage remediation services.  This favorable public image has only been enhanced when people learn about the extensive training our technicians receive in all aspects of the cleanup and restoration process.

How Does SERVPRO Clean Up the Aftereffects of a Flood?
We are knowledgeable in all the latest remediation methods and have access to all the newest cutting edge tools of our trade.  Using our extensive expertise, we employ these to your greatest benefit.  Some of the advanced resources that make our remarkable efforts possible are:

    •    Powerful truck-mounted and portable water extractors
    •    State-of-the-art air movers and high-velocity fans
    •    Various high-tech dehumidifiers
    •    Innovative Injectidry systems
    •    Thermal and ultra-low volume foggers
    •    A wide array of EPA-approved disinfectants and deodorants

Armed with all of these highly effective tools, our professionals can resolve almost any flood-related issue in almost any type of environment.

What Type of Residences Has SERVPRO Successfully Remediated?
SERVPRO has dealt with the effects of flooding in all types of residences.  Our experts have completed work on everything from country estates to city condos.  The following is a brief list of the various kinds of residential structures we have saved over the past eighteen or so years:

    •    Large country estates
    •    Small and large single-family houses
    •    Divided and multi-family structures
    •    Beachfront and downtown condos
    •    Mixed-use properties of various sizes

Residences are constructed differently from one another, and they often exist in dissimilar environments.  So, effectively cleaning up flood damage generally involves knowing exactly what tools and services might be necessary for every circumstance.  As a firm with extensive experience cleaning up and restoring all the various home types, SERVPRO has become one of the leading flood damage remediators in this region.

Where Does SERVPRO Operate?
Wherever you are in the Greater Naples area, SERVPRO likely services your community.  We are available to help you in most parts of Collier County, from the oceanfront to its swampy eastern end.  Some of the various communities we have helped include:

    •    Naples
    •    Naples Manor
    •    Old Marco Junction
    •    Marco Island
    •    Miles City
    •    Monroe Station
    •    Paolita Station

Our large zone of coverage forces us to deal with a wide range of environments, each requiring the use of different methods and tools.  As a result, our technicians have become experts in remediating residential flooding in both remote swampy grasslands and densely populated coastal communities.

As a homeowner in Southwest Florida, you should always remain mindful of the ever-present threat of flooding.  Although our towns rarely suffer direct hits from hurricanes, they still experience much of the region’s tropical weather.  Heavy rains that continue unabated for several days are a common occurrence here.  These intensely rainy periods rather quickly inundate our low-lying region and bring destruction to local residents.  It is for this reason you should be well-prepared for flooding before the rainy season comes.  Know whom to call in the case of a flood emergency and take all the other necessary precautions to safeguard your property.

With all that said, never let bad weather catch you by surprise.  If it ever does and you require assistance overcoming the devastation of a flood, call your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island anytime at (239) 302-5700.

Where Can Business Owners in Naples Go to Restore Their Facility After a Fire?

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

Texture of fire on a black background Even if your business has suffered only minor damage from smoke, call SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700 today.

SERVPRO Professionals Can Return Businesses in Naples to a Clean, Customer-Ready Condition

Do Owners Need Professional Restoration with Minor Damage?
Absolutely! In the haste to reopen after recent events, Naples business owners have sometimes found themselves with another disaster. When it happens, SERVPRO technicians are ready to help recover from problems such as getting smoke residues off the walls of a dining room to cleaning and disinfecting kitchen surfaces and food storage lockers.

What Tools Are Needed to Make a Restaurant Safe for Customers Again?
Commercial fire restoration in Naples begins with cleaning and, if needed, replacing every surface affected by the fire. Technicians use:
    •    Cleaners – We have an extensive inventory of anti-bacterial and deodorizing cleaning agents. Both are needed to not just clean smoke residue particles off tabletops or food-prep counters, but to also eliminate possible health threats and pungent odors that accompany them.
    •    Tools and Equipment – Technicians use sponges to clean walls and floors, and long-handled squeegees for ceilings. If residues penetrated wood surfaces, they have the option to use powered agitators with a cleaning agent, sanders to remove top layers of beams and other support structures, and foggers that generate a cloud of cleaning particles that deeply penetrate surfaces to eliminate odor-causing particles.

What Does SERVPRO Do to Bring Back the Original Appearance?
To finish the restoration, our administration staff works with insurance companies and owners to get the most out of the policy to return the business to its pre-fire appearance. This includes sourcing the original paint color from photos and other sources to apply to ceilings and walls. If tables and chairs are restorable, technicians use air movers and special brushes to return each piece to its pre-fire appearance.

Even if your business has suffered only minor damage from smoke, call SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700 today. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and can help you quickly reopen your business.

How Can Soda Blasting Help With Mold Damage In My Naples Warehouse??

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

Mold Growth on Stained Plaster Wall Close-Up When we are finished, your business will be Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Naples Business Owners Need Effective Mold Damage Help

If your Naples business includes a warehouse, then that building is vital to your business operation. Whether you use your warehouse to pack food, produce car parts, or send out educational materials, you need the building to be safe and fit for purpose.

Mold damage to your Naples warehouse is frustrating. Mold looks and may smell terrible, and if you do not treat it effectively, it can quickly spread.

Why is mold hard to clean?
Mold is challenging to clean because:
    •    Not all mold damage is immediately visible
    •    Household cleaners (especially bleach) can make it worse
    •    Mold spores are microscopic and can quickly spread to other parts of your warehouse and start new colonies

What is soda blasting?
Soda blasting uses tiny baking soda particles (yes, the same thing used in making cakes!) to gently scrub surfaces. SERVPRO technicians aim the blasting machine nozzle at the surface, and the machine uses pressure to pelt the wood or brick or other surface with soda particles.? Soda blasting is a similar process to sandblasting, but the media we use is softer and less abrasive.

Why is soda blasting helpful for mold damage?
Soda blasting is ideal for mold damage because:
    •    The particles are soft enough that they do not damage the surface underneath
    •    Blasting takes less time than manual scrubbing, which means you can get back to business faster
    •    Soda blasting is an environmentally sensitive option
    •    Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, so it helps fight mold odors while we work

What happens after soda blasting?
Soda blasting is just one part of the mold remediation process. Our technicians will clean away all traces of the blast medium afterward and set up air scrubbers to further deodorize the premises and remove mold spores and traces of baking soda from the air.
We also monitor moisture levels before and after soda blasting to help us identify hidden mold damage or areas with the potential for further fungal growth. We dry those areas to reduce the risk of new colonies forming.

When we are finished, your business will be Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. If you have mold in your warehouse, call SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700.