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What Factors Affect Water Damage Drying for Naples Properties?

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

4 SERVPRO employees holding up IICRC water damage restoration certifications Our IICRC certified and trained water restoration technicians use advanced water inspection, extraction, and drying equipment to restore your home.

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Establish Accurate Water Damage Drying Goals

Home water cleanup can seem like an easy enough task for most Naples homeowners to tackle. However, soaking up excess water permeating area rugs or drywall can lead to potential mold growth or subflooring water damage. Certified professionals can save home occupants time and money with their knowledge of moisture mitigation strategies and drying equipment.

Naples water damage restoration technicians at SERVPRO are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to render home water damage cleanup and drying services. The drying process covers structural materials like wood and drywall and residential contents like upholstery, shelving, cabinetry, keepsakes, and documents.

Conditions That Affect Residential Water Damage Drying

While DIY solutions may seem viable for home water mitigation, Naples homeowners may want to reconsider. Various factors impact the success of drying, including:

  • Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air in an affected space. Blowing fans alone in a room with over 40% relative humidity (RH) without adequate ventilation or dehumidification can create unintentional secondary damages.
  • The types of surfaces affected by water. A home office with wet electronics, books, and documents requires specialized care to successfully return to a pre-disaster state. Heat-drying can potentially warp and cause further damage to important books and papers. Electronics may require servicing by a licensed professional after experiencing water damage.
  • Equilibrium moisture content (EMC) determines the moisture content of an item when dry compared to its typical environment. EMC can vary based on region. In many coastal locales in the US, EMC for structural materials like wood is too dry at the average 7 or 8 percent for interior wood. An ideal figure might be closer to 11 to 13 percent in Naples, where the average year-round humidity is between 72 and 76 percent.

SERVPRO Establishes Effective Water Damage Drying Goals

SERVPRO water removal technicians scrutinize moisture-affected surfaces with calibrated moisture measurement tools. These include penetrating units for porous items, non-penetrating sensors for surface-level readings of sensitive and non-porous contents, and thermal imaging cameras to detect changes in temperature that can indicate the presence of water damage behind surfaces. This process allows the crew to establish and implement a drying plan to return contents to suitable pre-disaster moisture levels.

After inspecting the damage, technicians focus on the following to establish drying goals:

  • Evaluating and measuring contents unaffected by water to determine the dry standard for the home. This standard creates a frame of reference for successful structural drying.
  • Measuring relative and specific humidity levels before, after, and during drying to ensure that the dry standard for the home is met in a timely, efficient fashion. Relative humidity in a given space needs to be below 40% is crucial for structural drying with air movement and dehumidification equipment to be as effective as possible.
  • Documentation throughout the drying process is crucial for adhering to the dry standard and adjusting drying strategies as needed to prevent structures and contents from becoming too dry or being left too humid.

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island provides water cleanup when homeowners call (239) 302-5700, making homes feel “Like it never even happened.”

How Can Naples Homeowners Restore Fire Damaged Walls and Ceilings?

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee wiping a tan fire damaged wall  Photo Caption: Our technicians can help you recover from fire damage after a disaster at your house. Call today to begin the remediation process.

Naples SERVPRO Fire Restoration Technologies Effectively Clean Smoke Residues

Home fire restoration is an overwhelming project for Naples homeowners to tackle. Without the right tools and knowledge, cleaning without professional intervention can unintentionally smear soot stains, spread smoke residues, and allow protein residues from cooking fires to release pungent odors on many surfaces. However, there are ways to address damage while saving time and money.

Naples SERVPRO fire damage restoration technicians are equipped with the necessary knowledge and technologies to thoroughly remediate soot and smoke soils and odors while preventing secondary damage to structures and contents. SERVPRO techs can also clean HVAC systems and remediate water damage from fire suppression.

Understanding Fire and Smoke Damage Soils and Why They Stain Surfaces

While some fire damage soils smear, not all do so. However, many fires are likely to feature dry and wet smoke residues.

  • Dry smoke results from high-heat, high-oxygen fires, typically quickly extinguish. Items that produce this type of smoke include wood, paper products, and natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk.
  • Wet smoke typically results from slow-burning, low-heat, low-oxygen fires that affect synthetic materials like polymers and plastics.
  • Homeowners should also be conscious of the presence of protein residues, which are greasy, pungent, and nearly invisible to the naked eye. Filmy proteins come from burnt meats, poultry, and fish and require specialized cleaning solutions to mitigate in full.

While fire soils are crucial to remediating them, consumer-grade solutions are not always sufficient for effective cleanup. They can even worsen stains in some cases. SERVPRO professionals can respond to Naples homeowners’ needs with 24/7 remediation, fire odor removal, and build-back services.

SERVPRO Soot Removal Solutions for Walls and Ceilings Before Restoration

Fire restoration technicians thoroughly clean both wet and dry smoke residues from walls and ceilings with specially-designed EPA-registered sanitation solutions and dry cleaning methods. Ceilings may require active peroxide cleaning for gentle but effective remediation with unique soils, textures, or porosity.

  • SERVPRO Dry Cleaning Sponges are ideal for light to moderate fire damage soils and can be used to pre-clean dry residues before implementing wet cleaning on areas suffering from grease fire damage.
  • Wet cleaners, including detergents and alkaline solutions, are well-suited to oily smoke residues and heavier accumulations of dry soot.
  • Meanwhile, active peroxide cleaning is deployed after soils are vacuumed or brushed off of a ceiling. Then, a fan pattern can spray the stabilized hydrogen peroxide with a 40 to 60 psi sprayer.

SERVPRO techs can prep the space for painting if repainting proves necessary after a fire. This process, also called “cleaning for paint,” does not provide a complete visual indication of cleanliness but eliminates the required residues to prepare a wall or ceiling for repainting. Painted walls can be sealed with a pigmented alcohol shellac. This process salvages structures that have suffered heavy damage while returning them to a pre-damage condition.

“Clean for no paint,” meanwhile, provides a full clean of light residues with a dry cleaning sponge or mild, wet cleaning solution.

Property owners can call (239) 302-5700 for fire restoration services from SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island. This team ensures that after a home structure fire, homes look and feel “Like it never even happened.”

Why Should Naples Homeowners Use Professional Mold Damage Remediation?

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trucks in a parking lot We are available 24/7 so don't hesitate and call right away when you spot mold in your home. We have the right equipment to restore your home.

SERVPRO Mold Cleanup Technologies Can Save on Repair and Replacement Costs

When Naples property owners discover mold in their residence, it can be tempting to remediate it with "do-it-yourself" solutions. While all buildings contain some microbes, total mold removal is not possible regardless of whether homeowners or professionals do the remediating. However, professionals can ensure that spore populations are reduced to safe, pre-disaster levels.

SERVPRO renders 24/7 mold damage remediation for Naples homes that protects occupants from potential health effects caused by exposure to spores. Restoration technicians are trained to do more than just clean: mold mitigation training includes decontamination and containment procedures that prevent microbes from spreading outside the impacted area.

How Mold Damage Impacts Residential Structures and Why Fast Remediation is Crucial

Microbes can do more than cause potential health effects in a Naples home. Spores tend to settle on building materials in areas with minimal air circulation, elevated humidity, and suitably warm temperatures. Whether the conditions that allow these microbes to proliferate come from construction, stormy weather, or a pipe leak, homeowners should keep an eye out for contaminants on the following materials:

  • Anything paper or cardboard-based, including drywall, consists of a layer of gypsum sandwiched between paperboard sheets. This construction makes it porous and amenable to mold growth under the right conditions.
  • Check behind fixtures like glue-up shower enclosures for signs of mold growth. Dark growth along cracks in sealant and a distinct musty odor are among the first easily-detectable signs.
  • Microbes can also grow on wood and concrete, including home foundations, which can eventually decay essential structures.

SERVPRO Mold Damage Mitigation with Cutting-Edge Restoration Technologies

SERVPRO's diverse arsenal of mold remediation tools is designed to maximize effectiveness and flexibility during restoration. Technicians must undergo education on mold damage mitigation per Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) protocols.

Technicians utilize such equipment as:

  • EPA-registered biocide solutions can be sprayed, fogged, or applied manually with mops, cloths, syringes, brushes, and other applicators.
  • Commercial-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) minimizes the risk of secondary mold damages when paired with SERVPRO's adherence to microbial containment and equipment decontamination protocols.
  • Moisture extraction with rovers, carpet wands, and truck-mounted units for large-scale moisture exposure are essential for minimizing mold odors and making a Naples home inhospitable for microbes.
  • Structural drying equipment includes axial or centrifugal air movers and dehumidification units. The primary mechanisms used in SERVPRO dehumidifiers include low-grain refrigerant coils and silica gel desiccants.
  • A suite of odor control options, including water- and solvent-based sprays and fogging solutions, time-release gel capsules, and scented granules.

After mold cleanup, technicians can reinstall drywall and make necessary repairs to structures impacted by microbes. SERVPRO also cleans and restores contents affected by mold damage with such tools as OSHA-approved immersion cleaning solutions, HEPA filter vacuums, and ozone generators, which can denature mold to prevent inert spores from impacting a home any further.

We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and can render mold inspection and remediation assistance at any time of the day or night. SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is a phone call away from beginning the mitigation process at (239) 302-5700.

Commercial Water Removal on Marco Island

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

water damaged book Books absorb water quickly and need to be handled right away in order to restore. Call SERVPRO today!

SERVPRO Can Quickly Remediate Water Damage at Your Business Location

Restoring a business back to its original state has its own unique requirements. Different property absorbs water and deteriorates at different rates. Since paper is one of the first items to decay, a bookstore's primary concern is not going to be the carpet or the hardwood floors. It is going to be their inventory. In this case, lowering the moisture level will be their first concern and our first task. 

It will not be an easy one in Florida, but it can be accomplished. The inspector on our SERVPRO response team will use a commercial moisture meter to measure air content levels in every corner of every room. This allows us to determine the fastest plan to regularly reduce levels and restore commercial water damage in Marco Island. Our team will pump out any standing water as quickly as possible as the inspection begins. We need to do this to provide a safe working environment for our people and the store's employees. 

Technicians will set up commercial air movers as soon as it is safe. This begins the process of replacing the damp air with dry air. This lowers the moisture level and pushes air over the inventory, drying books, and other property. 

Once the air movers are set up, the response team members will assist the store owner in moving property out of the affected area. It is essential to isolate everything that should be thrown out to determine what can be saved and returned to inventory. Our IICRC trained team members can also assist in laying out salvageable books and other property on dry surfaces to help facilitate a faster restoration. 

Dehumidifiers will be installed in corners or small rooms where air movers cannot be used effectively. These devices can draw up to 30 gallons of moisture a day from the surrounding air. 

The weather forecast is good now, but rain is always in the forecast. Regardless of what business you may own or operate, SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island is ready to help you recover and reopen your doors. Call us at (239) 302-5700 to get started.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Damage Restoration for All-Area Naples Businesses

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

fire damaged stove; burned backsplash SERVPRO's Green Fleet is ready to go to restore your commercial fire damage

SERVPRO’s Naples Team is Here 24/7 for Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Any kitchen fire in a home can bring a lot of chaos, but this gets multiplied whenever you have a Naples commercial kitchen fire. Rapid and efficient cleanup is paramount whether you have a restaurant, bakery, or another property with a commercial kitchen. The longer you have downtime, the more you and your staff are out of work. SERVPRO is there for all kitchen fire restoration projects, big or small.

Fire accidents happen without warning, and it is preparedness that is key. Commercial fire damage restoration in Naples with SERVPRO gets a skilled team of fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) at your business, ready to address whatever happened.

Common causes of commercial kitchen fires:

  • Faulty kitchen appliances like ovens, microwaves, gas or electric stoves, hobs, kettles, grills, etc.
  • Leaving cooking food unattended
  • Combustible materials too close to heat or flames

Unattended equipment accounts for about 20% of kitchen fires, while gas and electric stoves account for about 62%.

If a grease fire occurs within your Naples commercial kitchen, you should:

  • Turn off the burner to eliminate the heat source
  • Carefully cover the pot or pan with a baking sheet or metal lid
  • Douse the flame with baking soda or a Class B dry-chemical fire extinguisher
  • Evacuate the kitchen and call 911 to have first responders dispatched.

Contacting SERVPRO gets our Green Fleet to your door within hours of contact with our customer care team. We tackle all harsh residues of soot and smoke particles and remove all charred debris. Our team understands that safety is number one, so we have all areas inspected before reconstruction and fire cleanup begins.

Whenever you need fire damage restoration in your commercial kitchen, you can trust SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island. Call us at (239) 302-5700 – We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Unexpected Places Mold Damage Hides in Your Naples House

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

close up of mold old can spread quickly if moisture was not eliminated after damage. Call SERVPRO to assess and remediate today.

SERVPRO Technicians Root Out the Causes of Mold Damage in Your Home

The danger of managing seemingly minor water damage yourself is missing secondary issues like the leading edge of mold growth. If your home gives off a musty, sour smell, some moisture will likely remain after believing all the water was gone. Hoping the smell dissipates is unwise as its source is, in all probability, mold. The mold detection team at SERVPRO is your best bet to locate concealed pockets of microbial growth. 

Your carpeting soaked up some driving rain a few weeks ago when the wind blew hard through an open window. Calling in a professional water removal company seemed like an overreaction, so you ran a shop vacuum over it and used some fans to avoid mold damage to your Naples house. Now you worry that skipping a professional inspection was a mistake. Better late than never, invite our mold remediation experts to help determine if mold grew and needed abatement. 

Unless you lifted the carpeting and dried it on both sides, you left a perfect breeding area for spores in a few different places. The underside of the carpeting offers a network of fibers and cords that provide good cover for mold. Damp padding is also an incubator for mold growth. The final areas that go undetected even by inexperienced or poorly trained restorers are the carpet tack strips. Often made of untreated softwood or particleboard, these strips soak up water like a sponge and resist superficial efforts to dry them out. These moisture-laden pieces of wood are a buffet for molds, unseen but still have foul odors. 

Our IICRC trained techs always pull up carpeting and often determine to replace the padding. It is an inexpensive fix that avoids the collateral damage of mold growth. Tack strips dry out if exposed to air and warmth, and we apply both during almost every job with wet carpeting. Evaluating moisture levels and meeting drying goals gives the homeowner the best chance to ride out wet carpeting without subsequent problems. 

Time passes, making easy solutions less effective. Your carpeting and padding now need replacing as mold entangles with every fiber. We contain the area, running an air scrubber to keep airborne spores in place. Carpet and mold disposal follows local regulations, and the subfloor receives disinfection. New padding, carpeting, and tack strips install for a price you prefer to avoid but no longer have that luxury. 

Next time your floor coverings take on rainwater, contact SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island for a friendly review of the situation. Making that appointment is as easy as calling (239) 302-5700.

How to Rescue Your Kitchen from Flood Damage on Marco Island

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

outside view of flooded home The quicker that you call SERVPRO after flooding, the less likely you will have secondary damage issues.

SERVPRO Remediates Flood Damage After an Event

In your kitchen, danger can lurk behind every corner. Whether from out-of-control frying pans, leaking taps, or appliances on the fritz, preparing for the unexpected is always a good idea. In a flood situation, speed is of the essence. Unfortunately, quick turnaround times put a more significant strain on the facilities, and there is a more considerable risk of flooding. 

If a flood has hit your kitchen or any area of your home, SERVPRO is the place to turn. We have many years of experience dealing with flood damage on Marco Island, and we can minimize the damage. With access to sophisticated drying equipment, our technicians can remove every last drop of water and leave you clean and dry. 

However, an essential part of flood damage restoration for any food preparation area is hygeine. The kitchen must be completely germ-free, which requires special cleaning chemicals. Keep reading to find out more. 

Keeping Surfaces Clean 

Fortunately, most of the surfaces in a kitchen are designed to be very hygienic. Counters are almost always made out of stone (like granite) because it is non-porous. It means that if contaminated water does touch them, the germs sit on the surface. So, your sink, pizza oven, worktops, fridge, and other items can be wiped clean with a detergent. 

These days, many homes have multiple cooking appliances. These are harder to clean; hygroscopic materials absorb water vapor from saturated air. They need to be completely cleared out, and all wet wood disposed of properly. An antimicrobial agent may be applied to kill developing germs depending on the moisture level. 

Using Sanitizers and Disinfectants 

When the SERVPRO technicians tackle flood damage in an area that contains food, they have to think carefully about the chemicals that they use. Striking a balance between hygiene and safety is essential. Not all cleaning methods are suitable for a space that handles food. The IICRC approves the use of sanitizers and disinfectants in kitchens. 

They are powerful, but they do have limitations. For example, it is always safer to get rid of food items after a flood, even if they do not feel wet or moist unless you keep your stock in a sealed refrigerator or walk-in storage unit. On the other hand, cutlery, glassware, and crockery can be deep cleaned and sterilized. 

SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island commits to helping local residents get back on track. So, call us 24/7 at (239) 302-5700 today.

Bathroom Water Damage from a Leak in Naples

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Woman on phone calling plumber after major water leak under sink Your bathroom floor should not suffer water damage unless you purposely let water sit on it, or there is a leak.

Bathroom Leaks Can Cause Water Damage in Your Naples Home

A water leak in your bathroom, if left untreated, can cost you, especially if it leads to significant damage to flooring, walls, and paint. There are some subtle signs you can watch for to figure out whether you need to hire a plumber to fix leaking plumbing fixtures or pipes before things worsen. Also, a water damage remediation company like SERVPRO can help you dry up the water and clean up the damage, including possible mold growth.

Damaged Wallpaper or Paint 

One obvious sign of bathroom leaks and water damage in your Naples bathroom is a wall with blistering wallpaper or paint. Often, steam from showering does not typically cause wallpaper and paint to loosen. When water and moisture get in between the paint and wall, they get rid of the bond and star to separate the two, making the paint rise from the wall and fall off in pieces. The same happens with wallpaper. The adhesive used to bond the paper with the wall gets less sticky, and the covering loosens.

Damaged Walls 

A stained or warped wall for unknown reasons is a clear sign of a plumbing leak in your Naples bathroom. When drywall gets exposed to moisture, it softens and starts to bubble, eventually warping and breaking into pieces. If the leak reaches your ceiling, it makes it sag and maybe leak some of the water accumulation. SERVPRO can help you stop the leak causing the damage, dry the water up, and repair the damages done. With special tools, they can find all the moisture, plus any possible hidden mold.

Damaged Flooring 

Your bathroom floor should not suffer water damage unless you purposely let water sit on it or there is a leak. There is likely hidden water if the flooring is cracking, buckling, or starting to stain for no apparent reason. Water from the pipe right under the floor could be the cause, or it might have traveled there from somewhere else.

Depending on your bathroom's flooring, moisture can make it feel spongy and soft. Tiles might lose their stickiness and loosen, letting you remove a piece quickly and expose moisture or water under it. Your subflooring many times is damp as well.

Ceiling Stains 

If your bathroom is on the second floor, you could see a leak on the ceiling under the bathroom. Because water can also travel far distances, it is essential to check for any water stains on the ceiling below.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island is experienced in handling bathroom leaks, so whatever the cause, they can come and fix the problem for you. They quickly act when you call them at (239) 302-5700 to restore your bathroom to its original condition.

Effective Mold Damage Removal in Naples Requires a Good Plan

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

heavy mold on wall Our team is IICRC trained so we can quickly remediate the mold damage in your home.

SERVPRO Follows IICRC Procedures for Mold Damage Removal in Naples

Not all Naples area mold remediation firms have a well-designed or standardized plan of action for completing their work. This disorganized approach to inspection, cleanup, and restoration projects can lead to problems. Fortunately, companies like SERVPRO follow professional, industry-supported procedures to finish your job quickly and effectively.

Naples mold damage removal experts like those at SERVPRO are expertly trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Thus, educated and qualified, our mold specialists know all of the best practices for mold inspection, mold removal, and black mold damage repairs. In general, they adhere to the following guidelines when dealing with mold:

  • The mold-causing moisture issue should be identified, located, and fixed so that it does not cause future mold-related problems
  • Occupants and workers should have their exposure to mold limited as much as possible and clean areas should be properly protected from contamination
  • Interior environmental conditions and mold remediation efforts should be thoroughly documented and monitored until things are returned to normal
  • Mold should be contained at its source with proper equipment, like negative air machines, to prevent contamination from spreading to other areas
  • Workers need to remove mold above normal levels by damp wiping impacted surfaces with detergent-laden sponges, vacuuming it into HEPA filters, or simply removing mold-damaged items

SERVPRO can usually return your residence to its pre-mold state in less time than other local remediators by remaining mindful of these principles and completing its projects accordingly.

With all that said, if you are ever in need of mold damage removal services, don’t hesitate to call your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island. We are ready for your call at (239) 302-5700 whenever you need our assistance.

Understanding Fire Damage in Your Naples Home

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

fire trucks and hoses being used to put out house fire Our technicians can help you recover from fire damage after a disaster at your house. Call today to begin the remediation process.

SERVPRO Technicians Tackle ALL Aspects of Fire Damage During the Remediation Process

Fires can be very disruptive and upsetting. Many people are at a loss for what to do after a fire in their home, which is why when you experience one, you need experts from SERVPRO, a fire remediation company, to help you pick up the pieces. Our technicians skillfully clean and repair the damages left behind, including smoke and water damage. 

Fire damage restoration in your Naples home can be more complicated than you might expect. Several kinds of damage need to be addressed, plus each needs to be handled differently. You are looking at damage from soot, fire, smoke, and water from firefighting efforts. 


Fires leave behind a lot of ash and soot. When it mixes with water, you are left with a gray-black sludge which makes cleaning difficult. Plus, it depends on the materials burned and how hot the fire was. It is easy to remove dry soot easily; however, oily soot takes more to clean up, especially on fabrics and porous surfaces. SERVPRO technicians can determine the kind of soot present in your home and clean them effectively. 

Fire Damage 

Fire damage is the most obvious and most straightforward to clean and restore. Many materials have visible damage or are destroyed. Some plastics, metals, and composites have damage that is hard to see and weakens them with no noticeable signs. It is important you have our experts inspect your property after a fire. 

Smoke Damage 

The most frustrating damage can occur from smoke damage. The odor lingers for a very long time if you do not let us treat it. Smoke seeps into surfaces in your whole property, getting into floors, walls, and furnishings in areas that weren’t even affected by the fire. We use specialized tools such as deodorizers and air movers to ensure all traces of smoke are gone. We check your ductwork and air filters as well. 

Water Damage 

Many people do not realize water damage can result from a fire. Efforts from firefighting often involve large amounts of water. Damage can happen to the plumbing as well, resulting in leaks. Any moisture can create mold damage, so it is essential to call us right away once the fire is out. 

SERVPRO of Naples/Marco Island has the experience and knowledge needed to quickly clean your property from fire damage. Just give us a call at (239) 302-5700 as soon as the fire is out so we can get your home back to the way it was.