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How Do I Choose Among Water Restoration Companies?

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer Our experienced technicians will arrive on scene within a few short hours after you make the call. We are always available.

SERVPRO trained and certified technicians show up fast and restore your Naples property from any size water damage.

When the unfortunate event happens, and you have water in your Naples home, there are a number of ways to narrow down your choice in restoration companies quickly such as:  

  • Is the restoration services team trained and certified?
  • Do the technicians use advanced equipment?
  • Can the company handle large-scale water loss?
  • Will the company work with my insurance company?

What Can Water Restoration Companies Do For Me?   

One of the most common ways a homeowner in Naples starts contacting water restoration companies is after a supply line break to an appliance or a pipe burst in the home. Even if the water gets turned off quickly, there can be a large amount of water left behind that needs cleanup before it seeps under floors, absorbs into the carpet, or gets wicked into the sheetrock. 

You can rely on SERVPRO technicians to:  

  • Move out articles if needed to a safe space during water cleanup
  • Careful attention paid during mitigation to ensure nothing gets missed
  • A detailed report gets given about the actions taken, so everyone is on the same page

Homeowners that have a shop vac can get some of the water up. Still, it is impossible to know everywhere the water moved within the home without the use of devices specifically designed for tracking moisture. SERVPRO technicians have a diverse array of water extraction equipment that includes weighted extractor heads to push the water out of carpet and cushions. Squeegee and wand handles that assist on tile floors and to get under cabinets or along baseboards to ensure the maximum amount of water gets removed. 

How the Drying Happens Makes a Difference 

Drying equipment is another difference among restoration service companies. SERVPRO has access to a vast selection of drying equipment so they can deploy a large number of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry a structure and contents very quickly. 

Cleaning After a Water Damaging Incident

Once the property is dry, it is vital to clean the surfaces to ensure they are left disinfected and sanitized. This is because even clean water can contain bacteria after a short period, and the SERVPRO techs make sure the loss area does not harbor any unwanted guests post-mitigation through testing to determine the presence of any bacteria or microbial elements. 

Handling Mold Remediation 

In cases where the water loss happened due to a slow leak or mold gets discovered during the cleanup process, the restoration services company must know how to handle this type of situation. Spraying bleach on visible mold colonies appears to kill them, but it does nothing to address the elements that are sustaining colony growth. SERVPRO technicians have the training and hold certification in mold remediation #MRSR2994. They know how to perform abatement safely and what equipment to use to ensure the spores do not spread to other places in the home. The techs also investigate to determine if any causes such as poor ventilation or lack of a vapor barrier contributed to the infestation and can suggest any needed repairs. The techs have access to a host of antimicrobial cleaning agents as well as sealants to use on areas where colony removal has taken place to ensure no return.  

Can the Company Help With Damaged Electronics?  

A mistake that gets made during a water loss situation by homeowners is the testing of electronics. If a computer or television got wet or has signs of water collection inside, it should not get tested by turning it on. This can result in a shock or permanent damage to the item. Whenever possible, SERVPRO tries to save both the structure and contents from needing replacement. The electronics in the home can get damaged to the point of no return after prolonged exposure to water or a highly humid environment. The technicians can arrange for a certified professional to inspect and repair any consumer electronics to see if they are safe for reuse. To mitigate potential water damage to electronic devices, we can thoroughly wipe down and dry exterior covers.

Will the Property Be Secure During Mitigation?  

In cases where you cannot remain on-site during the cleanup, the technicians board up windows and doors as needed and set up security tape to be sure that unauthorized individuals do not enter the home during the restoration process.

Call SERVPRO of Naples / Marco Island at (239) 302-5700. We are proud to serve the local area as one of the trusted water restoration companies that can handle any size water loss in a home. 

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